The Ace of Spades Motorcycle Club in Marion, Indiana: A Historic Snapshot

Step back in time to the roaring days of motorcycling in Marion, Indiana, as we uncover the fascinating story behind the Ace of Spades Motorcycle Club. This captivating image, shared by Arlen Scott of Marion, showcases a group of riders from the Ace of Spades Motorcycle Club, captured on March 17, 1957. Let’s delve into […]

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Harry L. Dipple

Who Was Harry L. Dipple?

The unfortunate truth about history is that it tends to play favorites, and not everyone gets fully remembered for their contributions to modern society. This is particularly the case in the motorcycle industry, where so many racers, companies, and marketers influenced the industry that some fall through the cracks. While not much is known about

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Who Was Percy Coleman?

When we think of early motorcycle racing in America, we usually think of American-born racers who grew up in the states and raced from coast to coast. However, not every person that impacted American racing was born in America. New Zealander Percy Roderick Coleman is a classic example of an amazing motorcycle rider who continues

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Bob Perry

Who Was Bob Perry?

If you have researched the beginnings of motorcycle racing, chances are high that you didn’t get far without hearing the name “Bob Perry.” Known as one of the best and most fluid riders of the early racing industry, Bob Perry inspired countless spectators and riders, all with a smile on his face. Let’s take a

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maldwyn jones

Who Was Maldwyn Jones?

In a time where both motorbike brands and racers were competing to stand out, Maldwyn Jones made himself unique to the watching world. With a good-natured and kind-hearted spirit, and a knack for the track, he goes down even today as one of history’s great racers. A Representative of Merkel In the early 1900s, most

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Who Was Roy Artley?

All throughout the history of motorcycle racing, countless riders have made their impact on the industry. No matter who they rode for, which records they set, or what drove their passion, their performances echoed (and continue to echo) the sentiments of motorcycle lovers everywhere. Roy Artley, an early racer from 1910-1921, was one of these

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ray creviston

Who Was Ray Creviston?

You can’t have “Indiana motorcycle history” without mentioning historical motorcycle racer Ray Creviston. Born and raised in Indiana, Creviston employed some impressive tactics that put him on the map as an early legend. Records Set by Ray Creviston Like other racers of the early 20th century, Creviston lived for speed. Although he grew up on

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joe wolters

Who Was Joe Wolters?

At a time in history when motorcycle races were the most exciting event to attend, Joe Wolters entered the scene and made history. A valued team member of both Harley-Davidson and Excelsior, Wolters took his share of spills but kept a smile on his face. How Did Joe Wolters Get Started? While there is not

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wells bennett

Who Was Wells Bennett?

Like every leading racer of the early motorcycle industry, Wells Bennett created a legacy for himself that lives on in the industry today. Today, the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame refers to Bennett as a “pioneer of motorcycle racing,” and for good reason. The Early Life of Wells Bennett William Wells Bennett was born in

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