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The Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society is a 501C3 nonprofit organization created with the purpose of promoting and celebrating motorcycle history in the state of Indiana.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Update on 314 S Washington St, Marion: A Shift in Direction

The Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society (IMPS) board convened on Monday, February 26th, for a crucial meeting to deliberate the acquisition of 314 S. Washington St, Marion. After extensive research and thoughtful discussion, the board has collectively decided not to pursue ownership of the building.

Carmen Mitchell, the owner of Pat Mitchell’s estate, played a vital role in this evaluation process, actively engaging with IMPS to explore various options and possibilities, in collaboration with Indiana Landmarks, SOS Marion, and the Community Foundation of Grant County.

While the decision not to proceed with the building marks a shift in our initial plans, it aligns with our commitment to make thoughtful, informed choices that best serve our organization’s mission and the broader community.

IMPS remains dedicated to its core objectives of preserving and celebrating Indiana’s motorcycle heritage. We appreciate the ongoing support from our community and look forward to continuing our efforts to contribute positively to the legacy of Marion as Home of the Hog, and Indiana as a whole.

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About Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society:

Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society (IMPS) is committed to preserving and promoting the rich history of motorcycles in Indiana. Through events, initiatives, and community engagement, IMPS aims to ensure that the legacy of Indiana’s motorcycle heritage thrives for generations to come.

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Arts Commission Invests in IMPS

Arts Commission Invests in Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society to Strengthen Marion through Arts and Creativity The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) has allocated a significant grant of $4,000 to the Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society

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The Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society opened an endowment fund at the Community Foundation of Grant County
because it’s important for the long-term impact of our cause.

Once you make a gift, the Community Foundation ensures that IMPS will be supported annually, forever, by investing charitable gifts so we can grow. That growth is then used to make a grant that supports our purpose – to promote Indiana’s rich motorcycle history.

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