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Who Was Floyd Clymer?

If you have spent much time studying early motorcycle history, you have probably run across the name “Floyd Clymer.” An avid racer with a passion for publishing, Floyd Clymer played an important role in shaping both the historical and modern automotive industry. An Early Start to the Automotive Industry Floyd Clymer was born on October […]

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Who Was Ray Weishaar?

If you are passionate about American motorcycle history, then you have probably heard the name “Ray Weishaar.” A leading man for the Harley-Davidson Wrecking Crew and always up for an adventure, Weishaar continues to inspire motorcyclists today. Ray Weishaar: “Kansas Cyclone” On September 9, 1890, Lawrence Ray Weishaar was born in the state of Oklahoma.

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Who Was Otto Walker?

Harry Otto Walker was born on July 4, 1890, in the bright state of California. Eventually, he would become one of the original members of the Harley-Davidson Wrecking Crew, but he set a lot of records and inspired countless people along the way. Otto Walker: The Beginnings Like most motorbike enthusiasts of the time, Harry

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Who Was Teddy Carroll?

Teddy Carroll is well-known for riding on the Indian Motorcycle team in the 1919 Cornfield Classic in Marion, IN. However, this race was only one of many that Carroll was born to ride. Behind the Factory Edward “Teddy” Carroll was born in 1894 near the Hendee Manufacturing Co. factory, eventually to become the Indian Motorcycle

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Who Was Gene Walker?

On September 1st, 1919, a 200-mile motorcycle race was held in Marion, Indiana. Among a group of racers representing the Indian Motorcycles was Gene Walker, a man who lived and died for racing. Races Ridden by Gene Walker Born on June 7, 1893, Gene Walker grew up in Birmingham, AL. He remained relatively off the

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Who Was Wilbur Shaw?

Although Wilbur Shaw was president of the Indiana Motor Speedway for not quite a decade, he played a key role in restoring it to its former glory. He was passionate about auto racing, motorcycles, and a beautiful track where fellow fans could gather. Though known as an automobile racer, Wilbur Shaw’s contributions to racing as

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Who Was Carl G. Fisher?

Those who are thankful for a rich motorcycle history in Indiana owe part of their gratitude to Carl G. Fisher. Fisher played an important role in the growth and development of the Indiana Motor Speedway which hosted its first motorcycle race in 1909. Carl G. Fisher: Bicycle Enthusiast Carl Graham Fisher was born on January

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