Cornfield Classic

Arts Commission Invests in IMPS

Arts Commission Invests in Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society to Strengthen Marion through Arts and Creativity The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) has allocated a significant grant of $4,000 to the Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society (IMPS) for their project, “Preserving the Cornfield Classic.” This initiative aims to celebrate and safeguard Indiana’s cultural legacy, particularly in the realm […]

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ray creviston

Who Was Ray Creviston?

You can’t have “Indiana motorcycle history” without mentioning historical motorcycle racer Ray Creviston. Born and raised in Indiana, Creviston employed some impressive tactics that put him on the map as an early legend. Records Set by Ray Creviston Like other racers of the early 20th century, Creviston lived for speed. Although he grew up on

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Who Was Teddy Carroll?

Teddy Carroll is well-known for riding on the Indian Motorcycle team in the 1919 Cornfield Classic in Marion, IN. However, this race was only one of many that Carroll was born to ride. Behind the Factory Edward “Teddy” Carroll was born in 1894 near the Hendee Manufacturing Co. factory, eventually to become the Indian Motorcycle

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