Did We Say $150K in 15 Days!

Yes, Help IMPS Raise $150K in 15 Days to Preserve Motorcycle History!

The Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society (IMPS) strives to preserve motorcycle history and create a vibrant community space.

After successfully launching the building campaign on June 8 during this year’s Cornfield Classic, IMPS now embarks on an online campaign to raise awareness and funds to meet a goal of $150K by July 1, 2024.

“The generosity and united ambitions of our moto community has been cool to witness,” Board Member Steve Chapel said. “As awareness of our mission and vision reach more people, we’re seeing a surge in support in numerous ways.”

The IMPS aims to raise $150,000 by July 1 to purchase this iconic building. Once acquired, they will transform it into a motorcycle museum, antique motorcycle restoration shop, studio apartments, and themed Airbnb. This space will celebrate the rich history of motorcycles and provide a unique destination for enthusiasts and visitors alike.

“While 307 E Third St is a solid old building, we want to make sure that we are responsible stewards of the space for years to come,” Board Member Loretta Tappan said. “Therefore, we are also implementing a building maintenance plan, and we want to make sure we always have the funds available to provide ongoing and periodic upkeep. It’s large, and maintenance and repairs will always be costly.”

Why This Building Matters:

The Glenn Scott Harley-Davidson building represents more than just real estate; it anchors our motorcycle heritage. Glenn Scott, a motorcycle champion and pioneer in the early 1900s, brought national motorcycle races to Marion, earning the city its unique claim to fame as the “Home of the Hog.” By preserving this building, IMPS honors his legacy and creates a space where future generations can learn about, share, and appreciate motorcycle history.

How You Can Help:

IMPS calls for community support to turn their vision into reality. Every donation counts and moves them closer to their goal. Here are two easy ways to donate:

  1. Online Donation: Donate Here
  2. Mail a Check:
    Community Foundation of Grant County
    c/o IMPS Building Campaign
    505 W Third St
    Marion, IN 46952

Generous contributions will directly impact the campaign’s success and preserve a vital piece of motorcycle history.

Join The Cause:

IMPS collects, stores, and writes history, ensuring the legacy of motorcycle pioneers like Glenn Scott endures. Support the building campaign to invest in the future of motorcycle culture and community in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, and beyond.

For more information about the organization and membership opportunities, visit the IMPS Website.

Support and dedication to preserving motorcycle history will make a lasting impact!

Thank you for reading. Please share!

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