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The story of 314 S. Washington St, of Marion, Indiana continues, with a legacy dating back to 1864. This building has been the stage for various chapters in Marion’s history, from bustling retail to community initiatives. Most recently, the Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society (IMPS) stood at the crossroads of acquiring this historic building, a decision that unfolded during our most recent board meeting on Monday, February 26th.

This blog post delves into IMPS’s pivotal decision, and peeks into the future that IMPS envisions for itself.

314 S. Washington St

Known to many as the “old Blumenthal” or “old Penney’s” building, 314 S. Washington St has been a silent witness to the changing tides of time. Originally constructed in 1864, the building became a cornerstone of Marion’s commercial landscape. It housed one of the oldest and most renowned retail stores in Northern Indiana, operated by the J.C. Penney Company.

Through years of prosperity, the building thrived as a retail hub until the inevitable relocation of J.C. Penney. Subsequently, the structure embraced new roles, serving as the home of the Crisis Pregnancy Center and later being acquired by a developer with dreams of residential suites.

In recent years, the building found its custodian in Ride & Leather, a local business owned by Pat Mitchell. Under his stewardship, the building became more than just a physical structure; it embodied the passion for motorcycles, retail, entrepreneurial spirit, and community. Read more about 314 S. Washington St. on WikiMarion.

The IMPS Board Decision

Fast forward to the most recent board meeting of IMPS on February 26th, where the potential acquisition of 314 S. Washington St. took center stage. After meticulous research and in-depth discussions, the IMPS board, in collaboration with Carmen Mitchell, owner of Pat Mitchell’s estate, made a collective decision to forego ownership of the building.

Carmen Mitchell played a vital role in this evaluation process, engaging actively with IMPS to explore various options and possibilities. Collaborations with Indiana Landmarks, SOS Marion, and the Community Foundation of Grant County added depth to the decision-making process. While the choice not to proceed marked a shift in IMPS’s initial plans, it reflected a commitment to making thoughtful, informed choices aligning with the organization’s mission and the welfare of the broader community.

A Glimpse into the Future

The decision regarding 314 S. Washington St signifies not an end but a redirection for IMPS. With a strategic plan on the horizon, IMPS is poised to navigate the future strategically. Conversations with potential allies and property owners echo the organization’s determination to continue preserving and celebrating Indiana’s motorcycle heritage.

As IMPS embraces the unknown, the legacy of 314 S. Washington St remains an integral part of Marion’s narrative. The building, with its storied past, encapsulates the endurance and optimism that defines the Marion-Grant County community.

In closing, while the future is unwritten, IMPS continues to march forward, fueled by a commitment to preserving the rich history of motorcycles in Indiana. As Marion remains the “Home of the Hog,” the echoes of 314 S. Washington St contribute to the symphony of stories that define this remarkable town.

About Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society:

Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society (IMPS) is committed to preserving and promoting the rich history of motorcycles in Indiana. Through events, initiatives, and community engagement, IMPS aims to ensure that the legacy of Indiana’s motorcycle heritage thrives for generations to come.

Preserving Motorcycle History

Stories like this remind us of the importance of preserving motorcycle history and the journey of those who came before us. By preserving images, memorabilia, and stories, we ensure that the legacy of Indiana’s motorcycle history lives on, inspiring future generations of motorcyclists.

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